Melton Youth Advisory Network (MYAN)

The Melton Youth Advisory Network (MYAN) is a group that meets monthly to discuss, advocate for and address local issues relevant to young people. The City of Melton has the highest youth population in Victoria with approximately 18,000 young people between the ages of 12-25 in one of the fastest growing communities in Australia (2006).

The network's role is to:

  • advocate for change 
  • identify local issues 
  • share information
  • provide an opportunity for secondary consultation 
  • develop and implement an Annual Action Plan

Sub groups assist MYAN with the necessary working component related to the Action Plan.

MYAN distributes youth-related information to local government and youth-specific services. The network is also an avenue for young people to feed their concerns to Council and other agencies operating within the local area.

The network takes an active part in guiding youth policy in cooperation with the Melton City Council. Where possible, MYAN networks with other peak youth organisations such as YACVIC, DVC and FACSIA to respond to political inquiries and/or consultations.

MYAN meeting locations are rotated between local schools and agencies to increase attendance and the valuable contribution of young people at each meeting.

Information sharing

If your agency or school has any information they would like to share with the MYAN group please contact Melton Youth Services on 9747 7200 or email


Melton City Council’s Youth Services is responsible for the database of MYAN members. The Youth Services team will update and maintain the register of all members' contact details. Any new members to MYAN can forward their details to, or call 9747 7200.