Ignite Productionz

Live music and entertainment

Ignite Productionz turns their passion for music into events that bring the Youth Community together in the City of Melton.
This dedicated group of young people bring you events that you want, including (but not limited to) Metal, Punk/Alternative, Hardcore, Rock, R'N'B, Hip Hop, Acoustic, Dance, DJ’s, Pop, Outdoor Festivals and culturally diverse music.
Through this broad view of styles and cultural backgrounds, the committee integrates innovative projects including live music, cultural and community events.
If you live, work or study anywhere in the City of Melton and have any great ideas for future gigs or would like to join the committee contact our Freeza Worker on 9747 5372 or email JulianZ@melton.vic.gov.au.
Ignite Productionz is a Freeza Committee.