Faces of Melton

Celebrating Harmony Day 2019, Tamirat Gebremariam painted striking contemporary portraits of 12 residents of the City of Melton. His paintings are a tribute to a diverse group of individuals living in a community where cultural identities are varied and complex.  The portraits are accompanied by audio files, telling the stories of individuals and the active role they play in building a vibrant and inclusive community.

Tony Mitrovski
David Kockedhia
Inderjit Singh
Tutana Bradshaw
Eun Mi Kim
Suhana Salim
Felipe Cornejo
Rachel Saidi
Ehab Hadaya
Emily Attard
Sharie Go
Kubir Khanal

Click on the portraits to hear audio stories by each of the residents painted in this exhibition

Hear Tony's story Hear David's story Hear Inderjit's story Hear Tutana's story

Hear Eun Mi's story

Hear Suhana's story Hear Felipe's story Hear Rachel's story Hear Ehab's story

Hear Emily's story Hear Shari's story Hear Kubir's story