Choosing a Playgroup

Things to consider before joining a playgroup 

Find a location that suits your group.  Where are you most comfortable meeting? Do you prefer an informal setting such as a park or play centre or the same venue every week, specifically set up for the playgroup’s needs? Do you prefer outdoor or indoor?

Children's Age
Playgroups are for children 0 to 5 years of age, however, some playgroups focus on children of a similar age. Consider your longer term playgroup needs, will any members of the group go on to have more children?  Will all the children attending go off to school at the same time?  Having a variety of ages of children attending a playgroup creates opportunities for more families to be available to help at any one time as children at different ages and stages need attention and assistance at different times throughout the day.

Playgroup costs vary. Rent, toys/equipment, tea/coffee and morning tea are the main costs involved. In general, playgroups are low cost.

Playgroup style
Each playgroup will vary in style. Some focus on children playing freely while parents catch up. Others have a weekly activity which involves parents. The venue can also influence the playgroup style. Playgroups happen in indoor centres, parks and community halls or gardens. Consider which setting and style you and your child/children might be more comfortable with.


  • Playgroups run and rely on each person’s commitment and responsibility. Please help to set up, pack up, clean, and provide activities and morning tea. The more you contribute and support each other, the more enjoyable playgroups are for everyone.
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun!