The Tomato Project

Get involved in the Tomato Project!

The Tomato Project celebrates the humble tomato - from growing to preserving to eating.  This six month project encourages individuals, families, and groups in the City of Melton to grow their own tomatoes and to experience the joy of home grown produce.

Where our food comes from, how we prepare it and who we share meals with has a huge impact on our health, our community and our planet. We hope that once people have discovered how delicious home grown tomatoes taste and how cheap and easy they are to grow, they will be inspired to prepare more fresh food and expand their home veggie patch or pots.

How to get involved

  • Pick up your Tomato Project postcard and free tomato seeds from a local Neighbourhood House, Community Centre or Melton and Caroline Springs Civic Centres.
  • Follow the instructions on the back of the postcard or from the information below.
  • Join The Tomato Project group on Facebook to chat to fellow participants 
  • Share your growing stories and tips on our Facebook page or by emailing

If you don’t have the space to grow your own tomato you can get involved in one of our community gardens at:

Get started 

Plant your seeds no later than the beginning of October. If you have bought seedings from a nursery, plant them in early November. Tomatoes can be grown in a large pot in a sunny spot if you don't have much space.

You will need:

  • Pre-made seed raising soil mix or make your own
  • Small pots or trays with holes in the bottom
  • Tomato seeds
  • A warm place with natural light with 4 hours or more of direct sunlight each day
  • Water

What to do - planting seeds:

  • Fill trays with seed raising mix 1cm from the top and press down gently  
  • Moisten the seed raising mix evenly with water
  • Make a small hole approximately the depth of a small pea
  • Place two seeds into the centre of each small hole and cover with more seed raising mix
  • Check your seeds daily and make sure the soil is consistently moist but not wet
  • If your pots or trays are near a window, rotate so the tomato plants grow upright
  • If two seedlings emerge from the same hole, remove the smaller plant and keep the strongest. Do this by pinching one of them out at the stem.

What to do - seedlings:

  • Once your seedlings have appeared, add some fertiliser of worm tea or seasol
  • When your plants are looking big enough (7-10cm tall), put them outside in their containers to get used to outdoor conditions. Bring them inside at night if you are still worried about frost or wind damage.
  • Find a sunny sheltered spot in your garden or select a larger pot and transfer your plants.
  • You have made it past the propagation phase and are well on your way to having tomatoes in 8 -10 weeks time.

Record your success

Record your tomato propagation details on a record sheet(DOCX, 36KB) so that you can join in on tasting and seed saving activities at a later date. It is also good for your own future food growing endeavours to record plant varieties and habits.

 We'll be posting tips on the Healthy City of Melton Facebook page. Join our online community and ask questions and help others.


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