Once a Dream - Now Reality

Published on 08 February 2019

Lana and Aleksandar Birtasevic and 8.0 Ideal Balance Pty Ltd.

Husband and wife team Lana and Aleksandar Birtasevic saw a gap in the market and are now the exclusive importers and distributers of MaxiTone hair products in Australia.

Since forming a company called 8.0 Ideal Balance Pty Ltd in 2016, they have slowly built up a cult following for the product that’s highly regarded in the South Eastern Europe for decades. 

Lana and Aleksandar focus on specialised customer needs such as those with particular needs like people with highly sensitive skin, thinning hair and those undergoing medical treatment.

Knowing and understanding their target markets enables Lana and Aleksandar to focus on servicing hairdressers who require a wide range of hair colour needs. They also enable people to purchase Salon quality De Luxe colour sets and use them at home.

Their commitment to personal service extends to personally visiting hairdressers and conducting MaxiTone home presentations.  

Lena says 8.0 Ideal Balance is also about learning and giving back, with regular educational seminar visits and supporting local charities and community groups.

Lana and Aleksandar welcome all enquires:

Mobile: 0413 098 108

Website: www.maxitone.net.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaxiTone.hair.Australia/