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Why invest in the City of Melton?

Venture Melton Business Investment Prospectus(PDF, 13MB)

  • Availability of industrial land (over 900Ha available now and almost 2,000Ha of future industrial land)
  • Affordable industrial land (between 12%-45% savings with other parts of Melbourne)
  • Affordable commercial office space
  • Access to transport infrastructure (Port of Melbourne and Melbourne International Airport are within 30-40 minutes of Melton)
  • Local supply chains and workforce (existing strengths in manufacturing and logistics with current networks and potential local labour pool)
  • Competitive advantages in primary and secondary education as well as construction services and residential building construction
  • Proximity to agricultural production regions
  • Significant population growth (Melton is one of the seven Metropolitan Melbourne growth areas)
  • Large local labour force which is fast becoming more qualified and skilled
  • Large areas of land identified for employment
  • Growing Town Centres offering opportunities for additional services
  • Significant future infrastructure investment
  • Western Business Accelerator and Centre of Excellence a significant regional asset for economic development
  • Connectivity for businesses through the National Broadband Network
  • Effective strategic planning for land use and future industry considerations
  • Western region will accommodate more than 40% of metropolitan growth over the next 40 years
  • West has outperformed Melbourne as a whole in the creation of small firms

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