Business Excellence Awards

The 2019 City of Melton Business Excellence Awards Gala Dinner is the business event of the year and is a fantastic opportunity to network, make connections and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our local business community.

Regardless of whether your business is a finalist or not, the gala dinner is a great opportunity to celebrate business excellence in the municipality and reward your staff with a night out to remember.

Date: Friday 30 August
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Tabcorp Park - 2 Ferris Road, Cobblebank 
Free parking available

Bookings opening soon. 


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Check out the award criteria below.

Nominations closed midnight Monday 29 April 2019.


Our Business Excellence Awards Partners

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Business Award Criteria

  • Best Micro and Home-Based Business Award - Sponsor partner - the GEO Group.
    For businesses from any sector with few or no staff beyond themselves. Applicants for this award can employ a maximum of three EFT in addition to the owner/operator.

  • Best Hospitality & Tourism Business Award - Sponsor partner - WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex.
    For businesses who provide a visitor or hospitality experience – e.g. wineries, accommodation, motels, hotels, bed & breakfast, tourist attraction, adventure tourism, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bistros, caterers, function and reception centres.

  • Best Trades and Construction Business Award - Sponsor partner - Atherstone Exchange.
    For trades related to the preparation, construction, installation, maintenance and repairs of man made goods such as mechanics, bakers, carpenters, fitters and turners, electricians, horticulturists, cabinet makers etc. 

  • Best Retail Business Award - Sponsor partner - Woodgrove.
    For businesses whose principal activity is to buy and then re-sell goods to the general public or provide a service from a traditional shop front.

  • Best Creative Industries Business Award - Sponsor partner - Victoria University.
    Open to all enterprises that have creativity at the core of its output. E.g., music, design, fashion, photography, marketing and art.

  • Best Professional Services Business Award - Sponsor partner - Western Water.
    For businesses principally engaged in providing professional or technical services to businesses and/or consumers. For example, scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems design, law, accountancy, advertising, market research, management, analysts, consultancy and veterinary science.

  • Innovation Award - Sponsor partner - Westkon.
    Open to businesses across all sectors that demonstrate they have created and implemented a new process, product, or service that has made the complex far simpler, the expensive more affordable or the impossible, possible. 

  • Community Contribution Award - Sponsor partner - Matchworks.
    For businesses that apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being such as social enterprises, not-for-profits, more-than-profits.

  • Personal Services Award - Sponsor partner - Melton Toyota.
    For businesses principally engaged in providing personal services to consumers relating to well-being, lifestyle, health and personal care. E.g., Hairdressing, personal training & gyms, beauty therapy, health spas, massage, pet minding, grooming & training, cleaning and garden maintenance.


2019 Non Nomination Awards Categories

The following awards will also be awarded at the Awards Gala Dinner. There is no nomination process for these awards. They are chosen from category finalists and winners by the independent judging panel.


  • Best Access and Inclusion Business - Sponsor partner - Melton Disability Advisory Committee
    Awarded to the finalist that best demonstrates the virtue of Council's A City For All People strategic plan.


  • Mayoral Achievement Award - Sponsor partner - Venture Melton
    Awarded to the finalist that warrants special recognition for how they rated against the judging criteria.


  • Business of the Year Award - Sponsor partner - Quest Apartments
    This award will be chosen from 2019 City of Melton Business Excellence Awards Category winners. 

Selection process

  1. Nomination

    Nominate yourself or as many other local business as you want - It only takes sixty seconds.
    Nominations must be received by Monday 29 April.

  2. Application

    After the nominations close, all nominees are notified and sent a link to the on-line application process. The application consists of a series of questions that allows the business to present and explain its operations. Applications close Friday 27 May 2019.

  3. Judging

    Independent and experienced business professionals review all applications within a category. The Judges will rank the applications based on the level of detail and quality of information contained within the application and determine a maximum of three category finalists.

  4. Site-Inspection/interview

    The judges will contact finalists and schedule a meeting at the finalist’s premises to interview a representative of that organisation and undertake a brief tour of the operations to validate the responses provided in the application.

  5. Category winner declared

    After the site visits, the judges determine which finalist warrants the award for the category. All winners are announced at the annual Gala Dinner to be held on 30 August 2019.

  6. Business of the year winner declared

    The judging panel will determine an overall winner for the Business of the Year Award based on its assessment of the application and site visit of every finalist.  The judge’s decisions on category winners and business of the year winner are announced at the annual Gala Dinner to be held on 30 August 2019.

  7. Feedback

    All businesses who have made submissions will receive formal feedback from the judges which is considered a valuable exercise to identify potential business improvements. All businesses who have made submissions will also receive personal contact from Council’s Economic Development team with an opportunity to participate in business support programs such as mentoring, training and the Venture Melton Business Network.