Melton Electronic Gaming Machine Planning Policy Project

The City of Melton adopted the Melton Electronic Gaming Machine Planning Policy Project at its Ordinary meeting on the 24th July, 2017. A project Reference Document will help guide future gaming related planning applications in established and growth areas in the City of Melton. 



This project builds on the Responsible Gambling Policy which was adopted by Council in 2014. A key recommendation from this policy was to develop a gaming policy framework for inclusion into the Melton Planning Scheme.

In undertaking this work, Melton City Council acknowledges that gaming is a legal form of leisure. We are however, committed to preventing and minimising the negative impacts of gambling on individuals, families and the community. Through its planning scheme and relevant state planning provisions, Council has the ability to direct the location of gaming venues and electronic gaming machines (EGMs). 


The Project

The Electronic Gaming Machine Planning Policy Project undertook an initial policy gap analysis, examined recent planning decisions and provided the latest ABS data which was captured through the Background Report. A Reference Document was then developed and based on the following key principles:

  • Gaming venues should be accessible but not convenient.
  • Gaming venues should be managed to reflect population growth and distribution.
  • Exposure to opportunities to gamble should be managed to safeguard the health and well-being of communities at an elevated risk of gambling related harms.
  • Venues should be designed and operated to maximise their potential community benefits. 



Council engaged with a wide range of stakeholders during the development of the project including venue operators, health and service providers, state government agencies and other people in the community who have an interest in the local gaming industry.

Workshops were held and a survey was conducted online and distributed to all Council facilities and community organisations.


Project documents

Related documents

Next steps

Council officers will now commence preparation of planning scheme amendment C182 to incorporate the key recommendations of the Melton Electronic Gaming Machine Planning Policy Project into the Melton Planning Scheme.

For further information or questions about the project, please contact our City Strategy  on 9747 7200 or email