Municipal Strategic Statement

A Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) contains the strategic planning, land use and development objectives of the municipality and the strategies for achieving them. It is effectively the basis for the use of zones and other land use controls within the planning scheme.

The current MSS was prepared as part of the wider process of the introduction of the New Format Planning Schemes, which standardised existing individual Planning Schemes across Victoria. The New Format Planning Scheme, which includes the MSS, was approved in 1999.

Council has prepared an updated Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) to guide land use and development for the municipality into the future. The Municipal Strategic Statement provides the basis for land use controls within the Melton Planning Scheme and supports and implements the State Planning Policy Framework.

Council consulted with the wider community in 2016/17 during the development of the Council & Wellbeing Plan and the Community Vision. The outcomes, and how they relate to land use planning and development issues have helped inform the updated MSS.

The Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) Re-write Background Report was adopted by Council on 24 July 2017.

Implementing the updated Municipal Strategic Statement - Amendment C200

Amendment C200 implements the updated Municipal Strategic Statement and provides the Melton City Council and the community with an up to date planning scheme that includes relevant recent strategies adopted by Council.

Amendment C200 was implemented in the Melton Planning Scheme and came into effect on 18 April 2019.

For more information about Amendment C200 please contact Council’s City Strategy Team on 9747 7200 or email

View the MSS Background Report June 2017(PDF, 506KB).

Planning Scheme Review

Council undertook a review of its Planning Scheme. This review is a report which provides information on the strategic work that will be required to be undertaken prior to Council updating its Municipal Strategic Statement and Local Policies. The Planning Scheme Review was adopted by Council at its 26 July meeting 2012.

Planning Scheme Review(PDF, 2MB)
Planning Scheme Review(DOCX, 3MB)

The Planning Scheme Review has identified that many of Council’s strategies and plans required review, as many of them pre-date the changes to the Urban Growth Boundary in 2010 which dramatically increased the amount of developable land within the City of Melton and has made fundamental changes to its future.

Following the expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), the West Growth Corridor Plan and the Sunbury/Diggers Rest Growth Corridor Plans were approved in 2012. The plans identify the location of residential and employment land, the location of activity centres, major transport routes, and regional infrastructure.

Based on the expansion of the UGB and approved Growth Corridor Plans it is necessary for Council to update many of its strategies to assist in the rewrite of the Melton Planning Scheme and provide guidance to Council and the community on appropriate land use and development across the City.

Council has identified the following strategies need to be developed in order to update the Municipal Strategic Statement. Work has been completed or commenced on a number of these strategies: