Melton Transport Community Reference Group

The Melton Transport Community Reference Group meets six times a year to assist Council in:

  • Prioritising actions from Moving Melton, Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy, to address congestion and reduce reliance on private motor vehicles.
  • Formulating advocacy campaigns to secure funding from the State and Federal Governments to improve the transport system in the City of Melton.
  • Creating community based advocacy campaigns to the State and Federal Governments.

The Melton Transport Community Reference Group assists Council to create advocacy campaigns that:

  • Make a significant change to the existing transport network (such as improvements to the rail service, or upgrading the Western Highway to Freeway standard).
  • Make a significant improvement to a mode of transport (such as increased funding that results in the extension of hours that buses run / improves the frequency of buses / the creation of a missing piece of infrastructure such as the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road).

Council’s capital works program and local transport projects (such as traffic calming, local roads, or the location of bus stops) are outside the scope of the Reference Group.

Refer to the Terms of Reference(PDF, 228KB) for more information about the Melton Transport Community Reference Group.

If you would like more information about the Transport Community Reference Group, please contact our City Strategy team on (03) 9747 7200 or email: