Information for Sporting Clubs and Groups

Sports Club Development

The Melton City Council Recreation team provides support to local sports clubs through development and training workshops ranging from first aid, committee management to  latest information trends. The sessions are free and available to members of Melton Council sports clubs.

Club Self Help Information

The Club Help Website is a web service for volunteers in sport and recreation clubs to assist with all aspects of running a successful club. In just a few minutes you can see how your club is doing in any of the 9 areas of club management by completing an online assessment. On completion of an assessment you will be emailed a plan document with ideas to assist your club to improve where needed. 

Melton City Council encourages clubs to utilise the website and its affiliated resources. 

Booking a Recreation Reserve or Sporting Venue

Registered sporting clubs with Melton City Council are guided through an application process for seasonal bookings. Schools or other clubs looking to make casual bookings for sporting venues and reserves can contact Melton City Council directly. 

Casual Reserve/Ground Bookings

Schools or community groups wanting to book sporting ovals or facilities need to complete the Application for Casual Use Of Grounds form(PDF, 327KB) and forward it to the email listed at the bottom of the document. 

Personal Trainers and Commercial Users

Personal trainers and other users wanting to book public spaces for commercial use will need to complete the Application for Personal Trainers and Commerical use(PDF, 79KB) and forward it to the email listed at the bottom of the document. The guidelines for booking and use of these spaces can be found in the Personal Trainers and Commerical Reserve Use Guidelines(PDF, 52KB)


There are a range of internal and external funding sources available to sporting and recreational groups. Information on these grants can be found below. 

Melton City Council Grants

Sport and Recreation Victoria

Sport Aus


Australian Sports Foundation

Access for All Abillities

Reclink Australia is funded by the Access for All Abilities program to act as the first point of call for people with disabilities looking for sporting opportunities, through the provision of Access for All Abilities Play. 

Access for All Abilities Play is a free information and referral service to assist Melbourne people of all ages with a disability to become involved in sport and active recreation. With personal assistance from Access for All Abilites Play, you can discover a new sporting challenge now! Visit the Access for All Abilites Play website or call 1800 222 842 today to discover the huge amount of sports and active recreation activities close to your home and available for people of all abilities.

If you already know what sport you are interested in, feel free to contact the AAA coordinators at the relevant State Sports Association.

More information

For information about running sports and recreation clubs, Council recommends the Australian Sports Commission's Online resource library. The library includes useful information on risk management, finances, insurance health and safety policies, fundraising and much more.