Collective Impact Assessment Tool (CIAT)

The Collective Impact Assessment Tool (CIAT) provides your organisation or community with the ability to measure and evaluate the strength of your partnerships and how well those partnerships go in achieving a project’s goals and strategies.

CIAT gives users the ability to generate consistent numerical data about subjective findings. The data on a project’s collective impact can carry equal weight with the data generated by other statistical or research data sources.

The underlying premise of Collective Impact is that no single organisation can create large-scale, lasting social change alone. 


Measure the strength and impact a partnership has on achieving outcomes of a project, that is, what has the collective impact actually been.


  1. Measure a small or single partnership project.
  2. Measure a large multidimensional project with many outcomes and partnerships. In this case an outcome could also be viewed or set up as a separate project.

How to access

Each organisation needs to download CIAT onto their own website.

If an organisation has an I.T. Department or a separate web manager who downloads the Tool but will not be involved in projects it is essential that they set up a project and enrol at least one partner and allocate them as the project manager. It is also possible to give them admin rights.

CIAT Site:

The person installing the copy of CIAT chooses what to setup as the Admin details in the installation process.

For further information contact our Coordinator Community Activation & Learning on 9747 7200.