TRANSCRIPT: Peter's Multiservice

I was going to school and I find it very hard because of my English. 

My brother-in-law, he was a shoe repairer.  And the boss says to my father. 'I teach him in six months to know how to put soles.' A couple of years, the boss say to my father, 'He's ready now, you can get him a shop.'

I started my first shop when I was seventeen. And after that I start making handmade shoes. 

This shoe here, the lady say it's too wide here, so I have to try to unglue the sole and then I'm going to make it smaller, test it. Once she's happy with it. Then I glue the sole back on. That's what I call the old fashioned way.

I looked in the paper and I saw new shopper centre in Melton. When I went around and checked the area and everything, it remind me a lot from where I come from.

I wasn't from a city. I was from a village. The rest was history. I'm proud to say that when I say the oldest shop, one operator from the beginning until now. So we're going on forty-two years now.  And one day I said to myself, I think I got the best job here. I can do it for the rest of my life. So here I am now at seventy-nine, and I'm still doing it.


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