When I was nine years old, my Mum and Dad owned a restaurant in Bangkok. I learned how to cook pad thai noodles with my mum.

My name is Pat. My business is Pad Thai Take Away and Restaurant in Melton. I own this restaurant with my wife, Kung.

Kung said 'Okay, we would like to have a better life.' So we are quite confident if we owned a restaurant, we will champion.

The first thing is quality of the food.The second thing is relationship with the customer. So now customers know us for a long time and we have cooking class to teach everything in the menu. We don't hide any secrets. When you cook here and you taste here, it's the same. So it's a reward for us to give the knowledge for the Australian people to cook Thai food.

I want to make the happiness first and we have the garden here and it looks like Thailand. A lot of herbs here. When Kung wants to cook something, she has to run to take something and back to the kitchen and put fresh. It's fresh from the garden. It's organic.

My daughter was born 2010 in Australia. Eight years old, she starts cooking. I say 'Oh, too quick!' 'No, I learned from my mum, because in my blood,' she said. 'In my blood.'


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