I'm Neal Morgan. I'm the operator of Morgan's IGA Supermarkets.

Mum and Dad decided to come out to Melton to take a risk, really, to see if they could grow a business with their sons. And that's when it all started. And this is the photo, the month it opened in December 1971, fifty years ago, with a dirt carpark and everything else is paddocks.

Mum and Dad got it right. And they asked the community what they wanted. And ever since that day, that's what we've tried to do, is just continue to work with the community and ask them what they want.

Melton has a New Zealand community, and there's a lot of New Zealanders that come here and buy specific brands that they're used to. I don't think any other supermarket in Melton does that. There you go. Kiwi Pineapple Lumps!

Every supermarket in every town is a bit different, but for Melton, they really like their popcorn. It's proper popcorn, much better than you get in the cinemas. As people gear up for the weekend, they like to watch Netflix, right? And so they take their popcorn, big bags of it.

When we first opened this store, it was a Tuckerbag. This is Tucker. This is Tucker. Famous all around the world. 

There's nothing quite like running your own business. And family makes the world go around.


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