TRANSCRIPT: Latin Foods and Wines

I love my customers. The fact that I can have a conversation with my customers, about our kids, about our holiday, about this, what are we doing next?

My name is Maria de la Plaza. I'm the owner of Latin Foods and Wines. It's a joint business with my husband, Marco de la Plaza. 

We are local to Melton. Our children go to school in Melton, we live in Melton, and the premises that we found for our production was mind-blowing. It was just naturally perfect for us.

Well, my wife's Uruguayan, and so we had to do something Uruguayan. My husband is of Chilean background. Uruguay have got a beef and green olive. My favourite empanadas is the beef and green olives. And I must admit, I don't really like the Chilean beef and onion. The Chilean beef and onion is the biggest seller. The girls hate it. But it is our biggest seller by far!

We probably make, on an average, anywhere from a thousand empanadas a week. We've got twenty different flavours.

We've always built this like a family environment. We try and keep it as lively as possible. The music is something that we have to have on all the time. Because the people come in and they go 'oh!'. They step out of Melton and step into Latin America.

There are customers out there who want different. They want to see us produce food, they want freshness. They're just blown away at what we do. We really try to make sure that they have an amazing experience at the shop.


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