TRANSCRIPT: First National

My name is Jade Carberry.

I own First National Real Estate in Melton with my husband, Justin.

My grandfather, Tony Carberry, came here as a Shire Engineer and that was his job. He designed the majority of the central older Melton.

The Melton Library got a big renovation done. One of the features they've used on there is a big timber map, like what's behind me, but engraved and cut out. And it was actually one of the original town drawings from my grandfather. So if you have a look in the library in the bottom left hand corner, it is the map with the signature - Tony Carberry.

There's an odd street here and there with the Carberry name on it. But the main one he got was Mount Carberry, which has now turned into a recreational reserve.

It's changed a lot in the last five to ten years, but five years especially. There's a lot more opportunities in Melton now for my kids, and that's really what it comes down to. So my kids have it all and they've got everything at their feet and everyone's very supportive of each other and I think we really want to see everybody succeed. And it's a lovely feeling.

Buying or selling a home can really change your whole life, but it's a very deep connection that you have for such a short amount of time, but it's a privilege to do it.

We had a dream of opening up an agency. Bouncing ideas off each other has always been very natural to us as a couple. It annoys the kids. I think we're going to have some pretty good listers.Yeah, we're going to have the real estate agents made for this town.


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