TRANSCRIPT: Boston Barber

This isn't a job...nuh.

It's my passion. I love what I do. I have got the barber pole down here on my leg.

My specialty is what we call the skin fade, which is pretty much right down to the skin that fades right up into what length you have on top. I've worked on that, and I've perfected it every day for the past fifteen years.

When I see a fade out there and it's not what I'd do, I'm like, come on, man... Who done that? Come and see me.

Most barbers work with two to three clippers. I like to work with almost ten.

I'm here every day. Yeah. Tuesday through to Saturday. I'm here every day. You can catch me from the time we open to the time we close. So I'm always here, every day.

It just become so natural to me to become a barbershop owner. I just want to grow it and keep it sort of local.

It's a Melton started business, and I want to keep it as a Melton business. Melton is a real great community, and a lot of the local businesses around here, too, we all have a coffee in the morning together, and that's sort of makes you want come back every day and just be, you know, involved in the community.

Melton's a hidden gem. You know, there's so much going on out here.


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