Short Story Competition

Winners have been announced in the 2019 Melton City Libraries Short Story Competition.

Judges  Lorna Hendry, Danielle Binks and Sarah Bailey praised the high standard of this year's entries.

All awarded entries can be read below.



1st Prize: Janeen O’Connell -  Irish girls can weave(PDF, 193KB)

2nd Prize:  Emma Manning - Lemons and leaves(PDF, 56KB)

3rd Prize: Gregory Ballinger - Tomato terror(PDF, 87KB)

Highly commended:  Ross Van Brink – Father and child(PDF, 185KB)

1st time entry award:  Geethanjali Thenisseri Veetil – A colourful life(PDF, 322KB)



1st Prize: Kayla Bopp-Taylor – Wings of war(PDF, 498KB)

2nd Prize:  Isabella MacPherson - Dulce et Decorum est(PDF, 69KB)

3rd Prize:  Matilda Prelec - Mandatory Mission(PDF, 83KB)

Highly Commended:  Aleyna Beki - Last Time(PDF, 68KB)

Highly Commended: Mindy Lay - Duplicity(PDF, 80KB)

1st time entry award:  Nivedhaa Nandakumar – Famous Suffragettes(PDF, 409KB)


Junior B:  Years 4 - 6

1st Prize: Dominic Caye Espana Anellano - Embers(PDF, 30KB)

2nd Prize: Zara Meilak Karunatileke – How the aboriginal flag got its colours(PDF, 180KB)

3rd  Prize: Meha Modi  - Gaia(PDF, 87KB)

Highly commended: Riley Peldys - The Orangutans Message(PDF, 111KB)

Highly commended:  Samaira Venkat - The river of remorse(PDF, 116KB)

First time entry award: Madi Ellis - Gulity(PDF, 911KB)


Junior A: Prep - Year 3

1st  Prize:  Sukham Thakur - The case of the missing mint soup(PDF, 148KB)

2nd Prize: Rameen Talka - Supercat and Little Kitten in Winter Wipeout(PDF, 6MB)

3rd  Prize: Luca Tanaskovski - SPIRIT: The journey of one brave Edmonstosaurus(PDF, 2MB)   

Highly commended: Aneesha Pratheep – Friendship(PDF, 71KB)

First time entry award: Sithuli De Silva -  The Wishing Owl(PDF, 2MB)