1000 Books Before School

Reading together is the best way to encourage a love of books in your child.  Sharing stories with babies and young children helps develop literacy skills that will prepare them for reading at school. 

One in five Australian children are developmentally vulnerable and struggle to learn when they enter school.  Research shows that children who start school behind typically stay behind.  Early literacy forms the basis for later literacy and academic achievement.  Reading with children from birth until they begin school is crucial in developing a child’s future ability to read and write. 

Reading just one book a day can encourage a reading habit, and instil a lifelong love of books in young children. 

City of Melton Libraries is participating in The 1000 Books Before School program which is a joint initiative of State Library Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria Network.  The 1000 Books Before School campaign helps libraries to support parents to play a vital role in building their children’s early literacy. Children can participate in the program any time before they start school. 


Registrations for the program can be done at:

After registering, head to the nearest library desk to collect your child's starter pack, which includes a tote bag, stickers and a reading record.  Each time a book is read to a child, a sticker is placed on their reading record. When a reading milestone has been achieved (100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 books read), they are rewarded with a small prize.

Parents and their children are encouraged to read books from anywhere including the home and the library. Books that are read during Storytime sessions at the library or Preschool Centres and Kindergartens also count as well as a favourite book that gets read over and over. 

Parent/caregiver or children must have a library membership with Melton City Council to be able to register for the 1000 Books School program and are not required to reside in the Melton City Council area.