Lifelong Learning Festival

The 2019 Melton Learning Festival will again celebrate lifelong learning within the community as part of our commitment as a UNESCO Lifelong Learning City

Free events offered by local providers will run throughout the 10 day festival, offering participants across all age groups, abilities and interests, the opportunity to learn new skills in a number of areas by attending:

  • workshops
  • classes
  • demonstrations
  • try-out sessions
  • open days and more.

 What are the Festival goals?

  • Promote Melton as a Learning City, locally, nationally and globally
  • Provide opportunities for individuals and learning providers to attract more participants
  • Promote the benefits of ongoing learning for everyone
  • Increase participation in learning activities
  • Raise the profile / awareness of lifelong learning in Melton
  • Endorse the concept of learning as a fun, social activity and can make life more fulfilling and enjoyable
  • Build awareness of all the great learning opportunities available in Melton

How to get involved

Host and event! Volunteer to help! Join in the fun!

For more information on the Festival and how to get involved visit Melton Learning website or email: