Public art - Taylors Hill and Diggers Rest

The Link

Artist: David Cianci, Artscape
Year: 2012
Location: Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre
Commissioned by: Melton City Council

Constructed of mild steel and stainless steel, The Link is a bold artwork that has been specifically designed to complement this active precinct. The artist isolates one bike chain link from its broader assembly to conceptually identify the importance of youth culture in our communities.

Sit Your Art Down

Artist: Julee Latimer
Year: 2011
Location: Morton Homestead, Morton Boulevard, Taylors Hill Commissioned by: Melton City Council

Julee's work is in the ancient art form of mosaic, given a contemporary perspective that allows her to create exquisite sculptures that show her love of texture and colour. 'Sit your art down' is made of glass over hand formed substrate

Out of the Blue

Artist: Mothers Art
Year: 2010
Location:Stan Payne Reserve, Old Calder Hwy, Diggers Rest
Commissioned by: Melton City Council

Celebrating the centenary of Australia’s first powered, controlled, sustained flight at Diggers Rest in 1910, the monument has tall poles which echo the grass lands, an open construction which is influenced by Houdini's Voisin Biplane, and angled text and blue forms to remind viewers of the dreams and aspirations of early aviators.