Chromatic Rhythms

CS Gallery Windows Christmas Design

20 November 2023 - 8 January 2024
CS Gallery, 193-201 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs

The CS Gallery Windows Christmas Design invites an artist to create an artwork that will be reproduced as a large-scale digital print for the windows of CS Gallery in Caroline Springs.

This new temporary public artwork, Chromatic Rhythms by artist Carlos Almenar Diaz is a six-window polyptych which aims to bring the City’s diverse communities together in celebration through a colourful abstract design and geometric illusions.

While freeing itself from conventional Christmas motifs; the vibrant artwork presents artwork that is focused on a colour palette influenced by traditional Christmas colours, the artists research into local native flora of the southern volcanic plain, and a site-specific response the windows and their surrounding foliage.

In combination with Carlo’s extensive research on the interpretation of colour perception and analogy, the six-panel artwork is an invitation for viewers to immerse themselves in a chromatic and optical illusion experience. Viewers can take a visual journey along the entire artwork, pause, and take a moment to connect to their feelings and the surrounding environment.

Presented throughout the Christmas and holiday season, Chromatic Rhythms captures the familiar festive colours of red, green and gold in an abstract and surprising display. With this kinetic creation, Carlos creates an interruption in the urban routine by inviting viewers and passers-by to interact with the art and with the space where it is displayed. Chromatic Rhythms invites all members of the City’s diverse community to connect in harmony with their own personal feeling and story throughout the festive season.

About the Artist

Carlos Almenar Headshot

Venezuelan born, French-Australian Carlos Almenar Diaz is an established banknote designer and contemporary artist. Carlos has studied colour theory, in particular geometric patterns, and extrapolated these concepts into designs seen in banknotes. He created and applied chromatic perceptions and patterns across multiple cultures, whilst encompassing the world’s communities’ unique cultures in his designs.

Carlos has designed public artwork and exhibited his art in exhibitions across Australia and internationally. Commissioned by “Swatch X You” for Dubai World Expo 2020, Carlos is the first Venezuelan artist to design an artistic Op-art Swatch watch. His artwork was displayed at the Venice Biennale 2022, and in 2023, as a Swatch Art Peace Hotel resident, Carlos was commissioned for “Love Is Love, The Colours Of Pride”, a multidisciplinary exhibition at Locarno Film Festival. Carlos continues to explore and investigate the optical experiments between the phenomenon of colour, visual rhythm, and ourselves.

Website -
Instagram - @almenardiaz
Facebook: /carlos.almenar.733

Image courtesy of Carlos Almenar Diaz. 

About the CS Gallery Window Program

The 2023 Christmas Design is the first artwork created in response to the Christmas festivities and the holiday season. This program is a new addition to the annual CS Gallery Windows Program. The CS Gallery Windows program invites artists to create a work of art that will be reproduced as a digital print for the large-scale gallery windows at CS Gallery in Caroline Springs.

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