Updated community vision sets aspirations for city’s future

Published on 08 July 2021

Melton City Council has adopted a renewed community vision outlining the community’s priorities and aspirations for the city’s future.

Melton City 2041—The City We Create was developed by the local community with support from Council.

The community vision was first developed in 2017 and will continue to be updated every four years to reflect what the current community would like to see achieved in the City of Melton over the next 20 years.

The community vision will guide Council planning and decision making, and will inform the development and implementation of the Council and Wellbeing Plan, Asset Plan and Financial Plan.

The five themes for of Melton City 2041—The City We Create are:

Theme 1: Our Socially Connected City

Theme 2: Our Thriving Natural Environment

Theme 3: Our Well-Built City

Theme 4: Our Strong Local Economy

Theme 5: Our Actively Engaged People

City of Melton Mayor Cr Kathy Majdlik said the community vision would help influence Council decisions.

“Created by our community, this is an exciting vision that encompasses the many hopes our residents have for the future of their city,” Cr Majdlik said.

“We will use this as a tool to ensure that our community’s voice, needs and aspirations are at the heart of Council’s ongoing work to shape our growing city and meet everyone’s needs.

“It’s great to see how passionate our residents are about the City of Melton, and to learn more about the things they want to protect over the coming years, and the sort of change they want to embrace.

“I’d like to thank all the community members who helped ensure this document reflected a broad range of community aspirations by providing feedback as part of our in-depth consultation process.”

As part of the community vision consultation process, Council established the City of Melton Community Panel to develop the vision statement and title for the community vision.

Panel member and Burnside resident, Cheryl Avila said the panel spoke extensively about quality education opportunities, transport improvements, health needs, and environmental sustainability.

“The five themes in the community vision really resonated with me and it makes me excited for the next 20 years. This is what I want for the future and I think it’s what others want for the future of the City of Melton too,” Ms Avila said.

Fellow panel member and Eynesbury resident, Ebbie Hungerford said the vision statement strongly represents where the community wants to be in 2041.

“People in the City of Melton are proud of where they live and I don’t see that changing,” Ms Hungerford said.

“They like that vibrant community feel of the area, they want the City of Melton’s future to embody a sense of community and activity, they want to embrace the growth and infrastructure, and the economic benefits and new people that come with it.”

To view the community vision, Melton City 2041—The City We Create, visit melton.vic.gov.au/communityvision

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