Residents reminded to be vigilant with green waste

Published on 05 July 2018

Melton City Council is urging residents to be careful when sorting their waste as a large number of green waste bins were highly contaminated.

Materials such as nappies, general waste, rocks, building materials and bricks have all been noted in recent truck loads, resulting in Council having to send the material to landfill.

These materials also have the potential to damage the collection vehicles and processing equipment, if not detected.

All this becomes costly for Council and, in turn, ratepayers over time.

Council is concerned with the amount of green waste being sent to landfill, as the material could be better used in farming and agricultural environments.

City of Melton Mayor, Cr Bob Turner, said council officers, collection drivers and bin inspectors will be ramping up patrols in a bid to reduce contamination among organic materials. Organic material in landfill is not only wasteful, it contributes to harmful greenhouses gasses that could otherwise be avoided.

He said council is looking at ways to crack down on repeat contamination offenders through methods such as fines or the removal of the bins where the resident fails to respond to requests not to contaminate the bin.

“Recent bin audits have found unacceptable items including plastics bags and rubbish, plant pots, builders’ materials including timber, bricks and rubble,” Cr Turner said.

“Trucks are embedded with technology to identify contaminated green waste bins, included cameras and GPS, and can identify which house was responsible for the contamination.

“We ask all our residents to do the right thing, and make sure they are only putting the accepted green materials in the green waste bins.”

Residents are reminded that items accepted in the organic waste bins are grass clippings and weeds (free of soil), garden cuttings, leaves and small logs.

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