New era for maintenance of roads, sportsgrounds, parks and trees

Published on 01 July 2022

Local roads, sportsgrounds, parks, and trees are set to be maintained to new standards under contracts recently awarded by Melton City Council.

From 1 July, Council will enter into four separate contracts that will provide more tailored and effective services across the City of Melton, replacing the previous maintenance schedule under one contractor.

The contracts will require more specific servicing to ensure the growing City of Melton community continues to have well-maintained sportsgrounds, parks, trees, and roads year-round.

Each of the contracts has also created more local jobs, and employed local people. 

The changes were informed by community feedback gathered in Council’s Parks and Roads Maintenance Satisfaction Survey in 2021.

“We are delighted to partner with organisations that have committed to employ locals and bring much-needed jobs to the City of Melton,” City of Melton Mayor Cr Goran Kesic said.

“As our population grows, the community expects roads, parks, and recreation facilities to improve and we are dedicated to delivering just that.

“Each of these companies are specialists in their own area of expertise across roads, trees, parks and sportsgrounds and that’s why we’ve made the decision to go with them.”


The DM Roads team will maintain:

  • 127 kilometres of unsealed roads
  • 1,194 kilometres of sealed local roads
  • 1,483 kilometres of stormwater pipes
  • 51,120 stormwater pits
  • 240 bridges and major culverts
  • 702 minor culverts
  • 26,052 signs and street furniture items
  • 8,231 traffic control devices
  • 1,896 kilometres of kerb and channel
  • 1,584 kilometres of paths and shared path

“DM Roads is committed to carbon neutrality and will reduce emissions by 25 percent over the duration of the contract. We will introduce our first ever electric truck which will be used as a rapid response vehicle for the contract,” DM Roads Delivery Manager, Dinaksha Hemachandra said.

The Green Options team will maintain:

  • 33 sports fields
  • 15 ball protection fences
  • 37 coach’s boxes
  • 33 irrigation systems

“By providing our industry-leading practices to the Melton City grounds, the benefit will be seen in the increased quality of the playing surfaces for residents and sporting teams,” Green Options National Customer Support Manager, Justin Morton said. 

PARKS: GreenLife Group (GLG)
The GreenLife Group team will maintain more than 1366 hectares of open space including:

  • 192 playgrounds
  • 100 irrigation systems
  • 20 pre-school grounds
  • 535 rain gardens
  • 11 skate parks
  • 123 drinking fountains
  • 85 ball protection fences
  • 12 coach’s boxes
  • 4281 furniture and fixtures
  • 79 practice cricket wickets
  • 64 tennis courts
  • 135 barbeques
  • 58 netball / basketball / multi use courts

“GreenLife Groups’ partnership with Melton City Council will contribute to maintaining vibrant, healthy and safe places for the local community to enjoy. We look forward to helping Council showcase the amazing landscapes that the region has to offer,” GLG Operations Manager, Dirk Heinzelmann said. 

TREES: Citywide
The Citywide team will maintain:

  • More than 91,000 trees including trees in residential streets across of all suburbs of the municipality, open space areas in the vicinity of buildings, playgrounds, pergolas and rotunda’s, and rural roadsides in all areas of the municipality

“As the incumbent contractor, we offer continuity of service in maintaining the City of Melton’s growing portfolio of community trees and helping Council to meet its sustainability objectives through the expansion of its urban forest canopy,” Citywide Manager - North West Municipal, Neil Baker said. 


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