Hard waste entitlements increase: two per household

Published on 15 July 2021

Hard waste trucks

As part of the 2021/2022 Council budget, each household is now entitled to their choice of two hard waste collections from their property, or two drop offs at the Melton Recycling Facility, or one of each option. Previously, households had the option of one hard waste collection or up to two drop offs at the Melton Recycling Facility.

City of Melton waste entitlement options (per household, each financial year. Load and collection limits apply):

  • Two hard waste collections; or
  • Two drop offs at the Melton Recycling Facility; or
  • One hard waste collection and one drop off at the Melton Recycling Facility

Use of these waste entitlements within the set conditions continues at no additional cost to residents or ratepayers.

City of Melton Mayor Cr Kathy Majdlik encouraged residents to make the most of their waste entitlements this financial year.

“I’m really pleased that we’re able to offer an additional hard waste collection to make waste disposal and recycling even easier for our community. It’s also positive that about 11 per cent of the hard waste we collect is recovered and recycled,” Cr Majdlik said.

“If you have your bins collected by Council each week, then these entitlements are available to you at no additional cost. And, you now have the flexibility of using a mix of the hard waste and drop off service.

“It is important to ensure your items and loads meet the requirements for collection or drop off, and to book your hard waste collections in advance.

“Whether you’re a renter or an owner, this service is here for you to use, so please make the most it.”

City of Melton residents and ratepayers can also drop off a number of items to the Melton Recycling for free, separate of any waste entitlements. This includes recyclables and whitegoods, as well as reusable items which can be donated to the resale shop. You will need to present photo identification showing a City of Melton address or your rates notice.

For details on how to use any of your waste entitlements, including load and collection limits, visit melton.vic.gov.au/waste