Fix Our Roads: Council calls on State and Federal governments

Published on 04 April 2022

Today, in the lead up to the Federal and State elections, Melton City Council has launched its Fix Our Roads campaign, calling for six key projects to be urgently funded.

Council is asking the State and Federal governments to:

  • Upgrade Western Highway
  • Duplicate and upgrade Melton Highway
  • Duplicate Christies Road
  • Duplicate and upgrade Hopkins Road
  • Duplicate the Robinsons Road, Westwood Drive, Calder Park Drive corridor
  • Build the Calder Park interchange

Long-term under investment in roads has taken a huge toll on the City of Melton, one of Australia’s fastest growing areas.

An analysis of funding through the Victorian Big Build projects shows that all but one of Melbourne’s outer growth areas have shared in at least $4.7 billion in major roads funding in recent years.

The City of Melton has lost out in this funding, failing to receive any major roads funds despite a significant and well-known need.

City of Melton Mayor Cr Goran Kesic:

“Serious road safety and congestion issues are rapidly getting worse in the City of Melton.

“Years of underinvestment has led to aged, rural-standard, congested, and unsafe roads.

“This is a huge risk and burden to our residents, with more than 73 per cent of workers commuting outside the area for work.

“It’s only going to get worse as Melton city’s population escalates toward half a million people in the next 30 years.

“Roads in the City of Melton are at capacity and projected to get worse. High volumes of traffic use roads that desperately need more lanes, better intersections and major safety upgrades.

“We need the State and Federal governments to fund essential road upgrades to ensure our residents can get to and from work safer, and spend more time with family.”

With funding towards the Outer Metropolitan Ring and a western freight terminal announced in the Federal Budget, and a Melton Hospital commitment made by the State Government, Council has highlighted how the advantages of these projects will be significantly enhanced by further roads investment in the City of Melton.

City of Melton Mayor Cr Goran Kesic:

“We’re very excited about the funding for the Outer Metropolitan Ring, Western Freight Terminal, and Melton Hospital. Investment in our roads is critical to support these projects. They are big ventures and to make them work and reach their potential we need the road infrastructure around them.

“We know that upgrading major roads in the City of Melton will help attract commercial investment that will create 100,000 jobs over the next 30 years.

“The City of Melton has significant land availability in the Western State Significant Industrial Precinct and the Cobblebank Metropolitan Activity Centre. Better roads to these commercial precincts are essential to improve accessibility and productivity, and to create more local employment opportunities.

“Now is the time to invest in our main roads to reduce congestion, improve safety and unlock jobs.”

To support the Fix Our Roads campaign, the community is encouraged to sign the petition at