Council disappointed with proposed high-voltage powerline route

Published on 29 November 2021

City of Melton Mayor Cr Goran Kesic has expressed Council’s disappointment at AusNet Service’s proposed route for 80-metre-high transmission towers through private properties in the City of Melton.


The new major electricity transmission line is set to come through the City of Melton, to deliver renewable energy from Bulgana in western Victoria, to Sydenham in Melbourne’s north-west as part of the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project. AusNet Services has proposed an overhead route despite calls from the community to explore an underground line and alternate routes.

The Minister for Planning also requested Ausnet Services undertake an Environmental Effects Statement which would consider alternate corridors, alignments, and site locations.

Council believes AusNet Services’ current package of reports and investigations fails to consider other viable options and does not comply with the Minister’s scoping requirements. City of Melton Mayor Cr Goran Kesic:

“We’re disappointed that AusNet Services has announced a proposal for overhead lines through the City of Melton.

“This impacts strongly on the property owners along the proposed route, and we don’t believe their concerns have been adequately addressed and explored.

“It is critically important that AusNet Services continues to fully explore underground lines, and alternate routes for the benefit of our community. This is in accordance with the Minister’s expectations.

“Council supports the transition toward green energy sources, however we cannot ignore the detrimental impact this project would have on our community.

“When determining how a project of this scale should proceed, the full social, economic and environmental impacts of multiple options must be researched.

“To impose a 70 to 100-metre-wide easement and 80-metre towers through our beautiful, open farmland and landscapes defies logic.

“There are existing infrastructure corridors identified as viable alternatives that should be fully investigated before disrupting significant landscapes and our communities.

“This is not a Council project, but we would like to reassure our community that we will continue to support them through this process.

“We continue to urge the Australian Energy Market Operator and the State Government to require AusNet Services to properly investigate all viable transmission options.

“We will advocate to the State and Federal Energy Ministers to require a full assessment of other viable alternatives.”

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