Council adopts key strategic documents

Published on 07 October 2021


Melton City Council has adopted its Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025, Financial Plan 2021-2031 and Asset Plan 2021-2031, following an extensive community engagement process.

The Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025 sets out Council’s strategic directions for the next four years and was informed by a range of key documents including the community vision, Melton City 2041: The City We Create and the COVID-19 Social and Economic Impacts Report.

The Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025 includes a new vision, which aspires to create a vibrant, safe and liveable City accessible to all, while six themes have also been developed to address the different aspects of Council’s service delivery over the next four years. These are:

  • A safe City that is socially and culturally connected
  • A vibrant and healthy natural and built environment
  • A fast growing, innovative and well-planned City
  • A City that promotes greater education and employment
  • A community that is actively engaged in the City
  • A high performing organisation that demonstrates civic leadership and organisational excellence. 

The Financial Plan 2021-2031 covers all aspects of Council’s role including the delivery of programs and services, building new infrastructure, as well as the maintenance of roads, footpaths, bike paths, buildings, and parks over the next ten years, while ensuring financial sustainability in the long term.

The Asset Plan 2021-2031 has been prepared to ensure that infrastructure assets support services that are not only sustainable and timely, but also appropriate, accessible, responsive to the community. Based on best practice, the Asset Plan will ensure the community receives the best value for money from Council’s asset management programs over the next ten-years.

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