Be a role model for responsible driving

Published on 31 May 2019

After what has been a tragic week on Victoria’s roads, motorists are pledging to drive safely for Fatality Free Friday today.

Four deaths this week took the state’s road toll to 138, well-exceeding the number of lives lost this time last year.

The Australian Road Safety Foundation is asking road users to vow five things: they will be fit to drive; stay focused; scan the road ahead; keep a safe distance; and drive to suit the conditions.

Melton City Council has again backed the campaign and is encouraging residents to make the pledge and be a role model for responsible driving.

“See this pledge as your wake-up call that distractions, speeding, erratic driving and being under the influence are completely unacceptable on our roads,” City of Melton Mayor Cr Bob Turner said.

“We can all fall into the trap of being complacent behind the wheel but that’s no excuse for taking risks that can have devastating consequences.”

Shocking revelations about driver behaviour and attitudes have been shared by the ARSF as it shines a spotlight on the issue.

Its research found that having children in the car is no deterrent to motorists taking road risks, with more than half of Victorian road users admitting to speeding, using their mobile phone or driving distracted while their kids are in the car.

ASRF also found that many Victorians did not consider road safety to be life threatening and would be four times more likely to secure gates around backyard pools than ensure their vehicle is safe.

In addition, one third of Victorian drivers admitted to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and 70 per cent admitted to speeding, driving without a seatbelt or driving distracted.

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