All abilities, all ages prioritised in strategy

Published on 23 June 2022


Melton City Council has endorsed a strategy that prioritises all abilities and all ages across the City of Melton.

City of Melton Mayor Cr Goran Kesic said ‘Growing and Thriving’ is a four-year strategy that will strengthen Council’s planning and service delivery for the whole community.

“The strategy focuses on three key areas: feeling accepted and included; infrastructure and access, and; spaces, places and involvement,” Cr Kesic said.

“It allows us to identify and bring together priorities for people living with disability, children, youth, older people and their carers, parents and guardians, and helps us understand what is needed for them to live their best lives.”

Cr Kesic said the previous version of the Growing and Thriving Strategy was titled ‘Melton a City for all People’.

“The development of the new strategy involved reviewing the previous strategy, analysing over 40 relevant policy documents, and extensive community consultation,” he said.

“The strategy will enable us to put an accessibility lens over our new and existing infrastructure and services and provide opportunities for participation for people of all abilities and all ages.”

Over the next four years the strategy will be rolled out through Council’s Disability Implementation Plan, Early Years Implementation Plan, Young Communities Implementation Plan, and Ageing Well Implementation Plan.