Arnolds Creek Play Space

  • Completion Date20 May 2019

Arnolds Creek Reserve has a new play space that complements the existing facilities and provide further options to play and be active. The play space will be located in the area along Claret ash boulevard, between Arnolds Creek Primary School and Arnolds Creek Kindergarten, Children’s Community Centre. 

The project commenced in October 2018 and was completed in May 2019.

The Arnolds Creek Recreation Reserve is approximately 8.4 hectares has substantial active sports facilities including two ovals, tennis courts, pavilion and walking paths, however, there are no other non-sports related facilities on the reserve. 

The upgrade works sought to upgrade the reserve to a level that will increase the attractiveness of the reserve for local use. The key objectives of this project are to deliver infrastructure improvement upgrades that: 

  • contribute to increased community physical and mental wellbeing
  • are accessible for all members of the community
  • support all family types, physically and socially
  • are multi-purposed and that can change and adapt over time
  • create a social environment where local community members can connect
  • contribute towards an increased quality of the natural environment with opportunities for increased habitat and local biodiversity and
  • encourages leisure opportunities for the whole community. 

The playspace design has been created with input from local community members and residents and features: 

  • picnic facilities, including a shelter, BBQ and picnic tables
  • natural play features, including a dry creek bed and grassland sensory garden
  • a play tower with rope climbing and slides 
  • a flying fox
  • accessible spinner
  • an abundance of trees to provide natural shade in time 
  • a resurfaced kick-about space. 

The Arnolds Creek Playspace project is partially funded by the State Government Growing Suburbs Fund 



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