Growth areas social planning

In coordinating planning for A Proud Community Growing Together, Council maintains a strategic and integrated approach to the planning and delivery of services to meet the current and future needs of the community. This is facilitated by understanding the external environment and what our community aspires to; setting direction within our resource capability, and allowing Council to make informed decisions on behalf of our community.

In this process, Melton City Council has supported the development of Growth Areas Social Planning Tool. The tool was initially created for Melbourne's outer growth area communities, who have experienced unique challenges associated with new, emerging and growing suburbs compared to their inner Melbourne municipalities.

Melton City Council encourages its partners and stakeholders to use the Tool, via Social Planning Tool Website, to help identify the programs, activities, services, events and networks that support residents of growth areas from the beginning of their communities.

For more information on the Tool, please contact our Social Planning Officer on 9747 7200.