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Victorian population bulletin

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The Victorian Population Bulletin provides a valuable snapshot of information on population change and the basic drivers behind that change, as recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).  The Bulletin compares growth rates between the States and between the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Victoria.

After each Census year, the department publishes a special edition of the Victorian Population Bulletin in addition to the annual edition that comes out at mid-year.

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Victoria in Future 2016

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Victoria in Future

Released annually, Victoria in Future is the official state government projection of population and households.  It includes trends and projections in birth rates, life expectancy, migration and living arrangements across all of Victoria.

Victoria in Future 2016

Victoria in Future 2016 (VIF2016) covers the period 2011 to 2051 for Victoria and the major regions.  For Local Government Areas (LGA) and smaller areas (VIFSAs), it covers the period to 2031.

VIF2016 shows Victoria remains the fastest-growing state in the country with our population expected to reach 10.1 million by 2051.  It reveals upwards trends in birth rates, life expectancy and migration and projects that life expectancy will continue to increase.

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Research Matters

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The Research Matters bulletin provides information on research projects and products for the whole of Victoria including both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.  The bulletin is produced quarterly by the government.

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