Census 2016

The Australian Census of Population and Housing was conducted in August 2016. The Census provides a snapshot of Australia's people and their housing. Information is used to determine services and facilities you and your community need. For more information about the Census, visit the ABS website

When will Census data be released?

The release of the Census information was staged over three main releases

  • First data release June 2017 - Core demographic data items about population and housing such as Community Profiles.
  • Second data release October 2017 - Detailed Census data on employment, qualifications and population mobility (journey to work and previous address).
  • Third data release commencing March 2018 - Highly specialised products such as Socio Economic Index for Areas (SEIFA) and Census Sample Files.

What products are available?

QuickStats is a fast, simple way for users to understand an area at a glance and is intended for anyone wanting quick summary information about an area.

Community Profiles are excellent tools for researching, planning and analysing geographic areas for a number of social, economic and demographic variables.

More information

For queries about Census data, the National Information and Referral Service (NIRS) the ABS can assist you. Contact them on 1300 135 070 or visit NIRS.