TRANSCRIPT: Cr Ashleigh Vandenberg

TEXT ON SCREEN: Get to know your Councillors      

Hi, I'm Councillor Ashleigh Vandenberg and I represent Coburn Ward.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Tell us about your life in the City of Melton

I've always had a strong connection with Melton. I graduated high school from Mowbray College.

I used to attend dance classes at the Melton Indoor Sports Stadium when I was a young girl. I was also a board member for Kirrip House in Melton South.

I'm a mother of two beautiful children. We just love going to the park on the weekends and having coffee down High Street, and my daughter just loves going to the ovals and kicking the soccer ball around. And even my little son is only one, but he loves, you know, kicking the soccer ball and playing with the football.

I just love what Melton has to offer.  We have a beautiful, diverse and inclusive community, and I'm proud to represent Melton.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Why did you become a Councillor?

I became a Councillor because I have a strong passion to help people. I'm very compassionate and I'm also a registered nurse, so I just love, love helping people. And I wanted to be a voice for the community and a voice for young mums and young dads and families. Just to show, to show them that, you can advocate for your community, as well as have a regular job, have a regular family and still represent your community and help make it the best that it can be.

TEXT ON SCREEN: What do you want to achieve in your term? 

Whilst being on Council there are many things that I would like to achieve.

That list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. But I want to help Melton, you know, I want to help Melton  to feel healthy, safe and strong.

The pandemic has been such a had such an effect on us all. And I want us to all feel proud of the community that we live in and feel safe and proud to live here.

I want to make sure that Melton gets the hospital that it deserves. And we still need to have some more advocacy in that space. And to make sure that we get more health services in place for our community and the infrastructure and road network to improve, but also to see the wonderful Melton Weir... something happen in that space...  That is such a wonderful asset to our community. And having that developed would be fantastic.


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