Cr Yvonne Sebire

Yvonne Sebire has lived in Melton South for the last 18 years, raising a family and running a small business. Having served on Primary and Secondary School Councils for 13 years, youth features prominently in her outlook. She knows the residents, facilities and infrastructure very well and is aware of the increasing need for entertainment, health, transport and sporting facilities.

She will passionately support our growth with both short and long term initiatives that uphold an 'open spaces' attitude. "Our rural/city blended lifestyle - a place for both family and businesses to grow." Sustainable and innovative large facilities for sport, health and entertainment will benefit our growing community. They will create opportunities to encourage business/jobs, offer various leisure activities and improve delivery of health services. Safety is a strong focus point of Yvonne's and she will advocate for a crisis centre to assist our vulnerable residents.

Yvonne is highly motivated and looks forward to further serving our community in a greater capacity.

Contact Cr Sebire

0455 622 581