Council Elections

Council elections are conducted every four years on the fourth Saturday in October. The next general election for Local Government will be held on 24 October 2020.

Melton City Council's last General Election was held on 22 October 2016.

For more information on elections please visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

Election Period Policy

At the Ordinary Meeting held 9 December 2019, Melton City Council adopted its latest Election Period Policy(PDF, 320KB).

The policy was developed in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 to support the transparency and integrity of the election process and to safeguard the authority of the incoming Council.  The Policy must include:

a) procedures intended to prevent the Council from making inappropriate decisions or using resources inappropriately during the election period before a general election;

b) limits on public consultation and the scheduling of Council events;

c) procedures to ensure that access to information held by Council is made equally available and accessible to candidates during the election.

Electoral Structure for Melton City Council

Melton City Council consists of nine councillors elected from one four-councillor ward, one three-councillor ward and one two-councillor ward(PDF, 1MB) .

The Local Government Act 1989 requires the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) to review each council before every third general election. This is approximately every 12 years. Unscheduled reviews can also take place when required.  The last representation review of Melton City Council was completed 25 November 2016.

For more information regarding representational reviews please visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

New Electoral Structure Map(PDF, 1MB)

Election Campaign Donations Returns

In accordance with Section 62 of the Local Government Act 1989, each candidate in the election must submit an Election Campaign Donation Return to the Chief Executive Officer, within 40 days of election day.

The Return is to contain prescribed details in respect of any gifts received during the donation period by a candidate or on behalf of a candidate, to be used for or in connection with the election campaign.

Election Campaign Donation returns are a matter of public record and are available for inspection, upon application at Council’s office until the entitlement date of the next General Election.

A summary of the Election Campaign Donation Returns(PDF, 176KB) received following the 2016 General Election for Melton City Council.