Council Elections

Your council, your vote: Melton City Council 2020 election

A General Election of Councillors for Melton City Council will be held in October.

The Victorian Electoral Commission is preparing to deliver local council elections during the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Elections are to be conducted entirely by post – a safe and completely secret method of voting.

Local council general elections are held every four years and councillors make decisions on a range of important local issues and services, including:

  • maternal health and childcare
  • sporting and recreation facilities
  • libraries and community centres
  • animal registrations
  • rubbish and recycling
  • planning and building regulations
  • local roads and footpaths.

We strongly encourage all eligible voters to vote this October. Voting is compulsory for State-enrolled Australian citizens aged 18 years or older, and you may be fined if you don’t vote.

Election timeline

Friday 28 August  Roll closes at 4pm
Thursday 17 September Candidate nominations open
Tuesday 22 September Candidate nominations close at 12 noon
Tuesday 6 October to Thursday 8 October Mail-out of ballot packs
Friday 23 October Voting closes at 6pm
Friday 13 November Latest date all results will be declared

Victorian Electoral Commission election information

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conduct elections on behalf of all Victorian councils. 

For detailed and up to date information about how to enrol, vote, become a candidate and more, visit Melton City Council election on the VEC website, or call the VEC on 131 832.

Further information

How do I enrol or update my enrolment details?

State Roll

You can be on the State Roll if all of these apply:

  • you are an Australian citizen
  • you are aged 18 years and over
  • you live at an address in Melton

If you are an Australian citizen, you can check your enrolment status and details on the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website or by calling the VEC on 13 18 32.


Council Roll

If you are an owner of a rateable property within the City of Melton, you may also be entitled as a ratepayer to apply to be enrolled on the voters' roll in respect of the ward in which the property is located.

Application forms must be received by Council no later than 4pm on 28 August 2020, being the close of the roll. 

You are already enrolled to vote for Melton elections if you meet all the following three criteria:

  • you will be 18 years of age or over on 24 October 2020
  • you live in the City of Melton
  • you are on the State electoral roll for your current address 

You will need to enrol if:

  • you are an Australian citizen aged 18; and
  • you are not on the State electoral roll; or
  • you have moved to a new residential address and have not updated your enrolment details, including changes to your postal address.

You may apply to be on the Council Roll if any of these apply:

  • you own a rateable property in City of Melton, OR
  • you occupy a property in the City of Melton and pay the rates under the lease, OR
  • you represent a corporation that owns or occupies a rateable property in the City of Melton.

Wards of Melton

The City of Melton is divided into three Wards and has 9 elected Councillors.

The three wards are:

  • Coburn Ward which has four (4) Councillors
  • Cambridge Ward which has three (3) Councillors
  • Watts Ward which has two (2) Councillors

You can find your ward here.

The following sections of the Local Government Act 2020 can influence the structure of the Wards of Melton:

  • Section 15 – Electoral structure of a Council
  • Section 16 – Electoral structure review
  • Section 17 – Ward boundary review

The last representation review of Melton City Council was completed 25 November 2016 and took place under the Local Government Act 1989.

Are you considering nominating to be a candidate?

Nominating as a Candidate for Council

If you’re interested in standing as a candidate to become a Councillor at the next Council elections you need to:

  • be an Australian citizen or an eligible British subject referred to in section 48(1)(a) of the Constitution Act 1975
  • be aged 18 years of age
  • be enrolled on the voters' roll for the City of Melton
  • have completed the mandatory Local Government Candidate Training
  • not be disqualified from being a Councillor.

There are also additional criteria you will need to fulfil in order to nominate as a Candidate for Council.  Further details on becoming a local council candidate can be found on the VEC website.

Election offices will be open for nominations during business hours from Thursday 17 September until 12 noon Tuesday 22 September.

To nominate you must:

  • complete the mandatory Local Government Candidate Training before submitting your nomination
  • complete a nomination form
  • make a nomination appointment with the Election Manager by calling (03) 8619 1445, from Wednesday 16 September.
  • Candidates can also pre-fill a nomination form using the online Candidate Helper at  If you use the online Candidate Helper, print your pre-completed form and make an appointment to lodge it with the Election Manager along with the nomination fee.
  • The Melton VEC Office will be open from 16 September and is located at:
    Heathdale Christian College,
    Block B, 102-112 Centenary Avenue, Melton.
  • pay a nomination fee of $250 in cash or with a bank, building society or credit union cheque (no personal cheques).

To prepare for nomination, prospective candidates can:

  • watch the candidate information session online from Thursday 3 September at:
  • attend a state-wide interactive candidate seminar - held online at as follows:
    • 7pm Wednesday 9 September
    • 1pm Sunday 13 September
    • 5pm Tuesday 15 September


Community and Candidate information sessions

Mandatory candidate training by Local Government Victoria
All Candidates for the Local Government Elections in 2020 are required to undertake training as directed by the Local Government Act (2020) and the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2020.  

For further details please visit mandatory Local Government Training on the Local Government Victoria website.


Community and Candidate Information Session by the MAV
Council is hosting a Stand for Council - Community and Candidate Information Session.

This online session is provided by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) via Zoom on Wednesday 2 September 2020 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 

This session is not compulsory and for information only. 

You can register for the MAV session here.


Candidate Information Sessions by the VEC
To prepare for nomination, prospective candidates can:

  • watch the candidate information session online from Thursday 3 September at:
  • attend a state-wide interactive candidate seminar - held online at as follows:
    • 7pm Wednesday 9 September
    • 1pm Sunday 13 September
    • 5pm Tuesday 15 September

How can I find information on candidates?
You can watch a youtube video prepared by the VEC on how to find information on candidates.

Election Period Policy

The Election Period Policy(PDF, 220KB) (and for current Councillors, the Councillor Code of Conduct Policy (the Code)) have been endorsed by Council to ensure transparency and accountability of the Councillors, Council officers, and candidates during an election period. 

The current policy was adopted by Council on 31 August 2020 to take into account the provisions of the Local Government Act 2020.  It aims to support the transparency and integrity of the  election process and to safeguard the authority of the incoming Council.

Important and Helpful Resources about the Role of Council and Councillors

Information Request Register

Council's Election Period Policy provides for the publishing of an Information Request Register each week during the Election Period.  The Information Request Register shows all requests relating to electoral matters and non-routine requests for information from election candidates, including incumbent Councillors.

Information Request Register - week ending 25 September 2020(PDF, 55KB)
Information Request Register - week ending 2 October 2020(PDF, 48KB)
Information Request Register - week ending 9 October 2020(PDF, 48KB)
Information Request Register - week ending 16 October 2020(PDF, 60KB)
Information Request Register - week ending 23 October 2020(PDF, 58KB)

Election Campaign Donations Returns

In accordance with Section 306 of the Local Government Act 2020, each candidate in the election must give an Election Campaign Donation Return to the Chief Executive Officer, within 40 days of election day.

The Return is to contain details in respect of any gifts received during the donation period by or on behalf of the candidate, to be used for or in connection with the election campaign, the amount or value of which is equal to or exceeds the gift disclosure threshold.  The threshold amount is $500.

Section 307(2) and 308(2) of the Local Government Act 2020, requires the Chief Executive Officer to make available a summary of an election campaign donation return on the Council's Internet site until the close of the roll for the next general election.

Section 308(3) of the Local Government Act 2020 requires the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that a copy of an election campaign donation return is available for inspection at the office of the Council during normal office hours for a period of 4 years from the date that is given under section 306.

Download the summary of the Election Campaign Donation Returns(PDF, 87KB) received following the 2020 General Election for Melton City Council.