Western Highway

Roads: Western Highway

An upgrade to the critical arterial road link that functions as an important economic driver.

Our priorities

Melton City Council seeks a commitment from both the State and Federal Governments to fund the upgrade of the Western Highway to an urban freeway standard, within the City of Melton.

  • Fund a business case to upgrade the corridor from Melton to Caroline Springs
  • Construct Bulmans Road interchange
  • Construct a pedestrian overpass at Arnolds Creek
  • Remove direct property access and turning lanes within the central median strip from the Western Highway
  • Plan for capacity improvements to reduce congestion
Full- Diamond Interchange at Harkness Rd. Pedestrian overpass at Arnolds Creek. Construct interchange at Mt Cottrell Road Upgrade intersection of Mt Cottrell Road to a half-diamond interchange. Upgrade to urban freeway standard Remove direct property accesses, bus stops and central median breaks. Construct interchange at Bulmans Road Upgrade the intersection of Bulmans Road to a full-diamond interchange. Construct vehicular overpass at Paynes Road.


60,000 vehicles per day 2019. 113,000 vehicles per day 2031. 10% of vehicles are freight carriers. 181 people injured in accidents 2013-2018.


The Western Highway is a critical arterial road link that functions as an important economic driver at a metropolitan, state and national level.

The section of the Western Highway located within the City of Melton suffers from significant levels of congestion during the peak periods, and is labouring under ageing infrastructure.

Planning approval for six additional suburbs directly adjacent to the Western Highway will see the construction of 65,900 new dwellings, and an estimated 183,500 residents, all of whom will require access to the highway.

The Western Highway currently accommodates approximately 60,000 vehicles per day, however this is projected to increase to 85,000 by 2021 and 113,000 by 2031.

Approximately 10 per cent of vehicles utilising the Western Highway are heavy vehicles that service the Central Highlands and Wimmera South Mallee regions, as well as the Adelaide freight route. It is the second busiest highway in Australia in terms of freight movement.

Aged and unsuitable road design

The Western Highway corridor within the City of Melton is also characterised by aged and rural-standard freeway infrastructure, including direct property access, and at-grade interchanges.

Additional lanes and upgraded interchanges are needed to support the booming growth in population and maintain efficient freight movements in and out of Melbourne.

Without essential upgrades, traffic modelling indicates that sections of the Western Highway will be gridlocked by 2021.


In the period between 2014 and 2018, there were 122 traffic accidents recorded on the Western Highway between Bulmans Road, Melton, and Christies Road, Caroline Springs, including 39 serious crashes and two fatalities. In total, 181 people have been injured travelling on this road in the past five years.

Letters of support

As part of our Upgrade Western Highway awareness campaign, Melton City Council secured letters of support from:

  • Councils between Moorabool and West Wimmera (on the South Australian border) as part of the Western Highway Action Committee (WHAC)
  • Major developers in the City of Melton, and
  • LeadWest.