STOP THE SOIL - No contaminated soil to Ravenhall

STOP THE SOIL is a joint advocacy campaign by Melton and Brimbank City Councils, calling on residents and businesses to let decision-makers know that our community doesn’t want contaminated soil stored at Ravenhall.

We need you to help us in this significant campaign. You can tell the Victorian Government, Transurban and Cleanaway that you do not want contaminated soil dumped in Ravenhall here.

You can complete a form and send an email directly to the decision makers by visiting the STOP THE SOIL website.

The Westgate Tunnel Project is a significant transformational project for Victoria especially the west of Melbourne to reduce congestion, increase productivity and provide an essential second river crossing to the Westgate Bridge. The project requires construction of two tunnels with 2.9 million metric tonnes of tunnel soil and rock spoil expected to be dug out for approximately 16-18 months. The tunnel construction cannot commence until a solution is found for managing soil that is contaminated with PFAS (Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

Cleanaway, the operator of Melbourne Regional Landfill in Ravenhall, is proposing to construct a Soil Management and Reuse Facility adjacent to their Ravenhall site, to manage the reuse and disposal of tunnel spoil (soil and rock) from the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Should the proposal by Cleanaway be approved, it is expected an additional 460 truck movements per day, seven days per week for the entire 16-18 months will be travelling on local roads.

While Melton and Brimbank Councils want the Westgate Tunnel built so that residents can access work, education and health services quickly, we are jointly opposed to contaminated soil from the project being dumped in Ravenhall.

The decision to locate contaminated soil at Ravenhall is out of the hands of either Council however we can lobby the Victorian Government to make the right choice in how they handle the soil from the Westgate Tunnel.

Melton and Brimbank Councils want families and employees to live and work in a safe environment. That’s why we have decided to jointly urge the State Government and Transurban not to send contaminated soil to Ravenhall.

Visit the STOP THE SOIL website where you can complete a form and send an email directly to decision makers.

Thank you for your support.