Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Inject funding to bridge gaps in critical infrastructure and vital sport and recreational facilities.

Our priorities

  • Melton City Council is seeking future funding certainty for the Growing Suburbs Fund beyond 2020.

    Since its introduction in 2015, the Melton City Council has received $23.8 million to co-fund 24 critical community infrastructure projects, valued at $80 million including community centres, parks, playgrounds, recreation and leisure facilities and botanic trails, all of which were delivered earlier than planned.
  • Provide additional funding opportunities for recreation and leisure facilities including leisure aquatic facilities, indoor sport stadiums, multi-use community facilities including spaces for young people. Funding is limited to Sport and Recreation Community Sport Infrastructure Funding which is not adequate to support the infrastructure required to service increased participation rates.

Funding is also required for delivery of key community sporting and recreation facilities including:

  • a six-court, multi-purpose municipal indoor sports stadium in Cobblebank.
  • new and upgrade project for the Macpherson Park Regional Sports Precinct including the replacement of two multi purpose community sport pavilions servicing soccer, rugby league, rugby union and gridiron along with construction of two additional sportsfields to meet existing demand. Existing pavilions are at end of life, dilapidated and do not meet compliance guidelines.
24% not engaged in any physical activity (Melton). 24.9% Children who use electronic media 2+ hours per day (Melton). 9 Indoor court shortage in Melton.


Ageing facilities at capacity

Six court indoor sports stadium, Cobblebank

Melton City Council has identified the need for a new indoor sports stadium within Melton township.  The current indoor stadium servicing this community is located on State-owned education land situated at Melton Secondary College. The aging facility is at capacity during peak times and has limited opportunities to meet either current or projected participation demands.

Melton township alone is home to 60,284 residents which is projected to increase to 65,174 by 2021.  Based on current court provisions and forecast population growth across the City, a significant gap exists to service existing demand for indoor sport stadiums.

Council has standard levels of provision that are used to guide the development of community infrastructure.  Currently, a shortage of nine indoor courts exists in the City of Melton.

MacPherson Regional Park (Stage 2), Toolern Vale

The City of Melton is planning Stage 2 of the MacPherson Regional Park redevelopment project to include two new, floodlit rectangular sportsgrounds, and upgrades to an existing oval and soccer pitch. The existing internal road network, car parking and fencing to improve overall access, amenity and security within the reserve need to be redeveloped. These improvements will significantly increase the capacity to cater for many sports, including soccer, AFL, cricket, rugby league, rugby union and gridiron with the potential to become a sporting and recreational precinct of regional significance.

Physical activity

Around 74.3 per cent of City of Melton residents are considered overweight or obese - the highest rate in Victoria, and as a community we experience high levels of childhood obesity. Insufficient exercise is one risk factor that relates to the development of chronic health conditions.

Health outcomes in the City of Melton indicate that the percentage of residents who report Type 2 diabetes is significantly higher than the Victorian average; the percentage of residents reporting a high/very high degree of psychological distress is 15.5 per cent. This is higher than the Victorian average of 11.4 per cent. They also have poorer nutrition and levels of physical activity than the Victorian average (27.2 per cent and 29.4 per cent respectively).

By providing greater participation opportunities, a major benefit from the project will improve healthier lifestyles and increase social connectivity opportunities. This is a clear deliverable of the Growing Suburbs Fund - to contribute to healthier, more resilient and liveable communities by ensuring the best possible outcomes for our community.

More courts increases participation rates

“The netball participation rate for the Western Metropolitan Region is 0.83 per cent compared to the state average of 2.3 per cent. The Sport Facility Provision – Netball Research Report (Sport & Recreation Spatial, 2014) concluded that ‘there was a positive correlation between the provision of courts per 1,000 persons and the netball participation rate’.”—Victorian Netball Association

In regards to basketball participation, Basketball Victoria has confirmed that the current figure of 3,100 residents registered within the municipality is only restricted in growth because of the lack of indoor court provision across the City, and if more courts were provided, it would result in an additional 1,500 participants.