Roads and Freight

Roads and Freight

An efficient road network and freight infrastructure to increase productivity.

Our priorities

  • Melton City Council asks that the State Government’s Western Roads Package is extended to include significant upgrades to key roads and highways located within the City of Melton. Roads within the municipality have missed out on critical infrastructure spending leading to major safety concerns and congestion.
  • A new Western Roads Package to include roads in the City of Melton
  • Funding for the upgrade of the Melton Highway with Leakes Road intersection as a priority.

Melton Highway

A business case for the duplication of the Melton Highway between Leakes Road and The Regency, has been prepared by VicRoads. The section (between Ryans Lane and The Regency) of Melton Highway is currently characterised by rural standard carriageway with unsealed shoulders, open drains and non-existent pedestrian facilities. The road is not suitable for high-volumes of traffic and development currently occurring in the Plumpton Precinct Structure Plan will worsen this issue, as will the ultimate development of the Warrensbrook and Melton East Precinct Structure Plan areas.

Intersection of Melton Highway and Leakes Road

Funding is required to construct the staged duplication of Melton Highway and urgently address safety concerns at the intersection of Melton Highway and Leakes Road. The intersection consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous in the municipality and Council requests that signals be constructed to control traffic movement as a matter of urgency.

 In the five years from 2013 to 2018, there have been 38 accidents including 14 serious crashes and 54 people injured. Works on this intersection is a matter of urgency. Funding is also required to begin planning for the duplication of the western section of Melton Highway (between Leakes Road and Ryans Lane).



The Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) is a transformational, regionally significant project that requires the State and Federal Governments to:

  • acquire land in Truganina to construct the WIFT 
  • develop a masterplan to transform our region by reducing freight traffic on inner city roads, and creating employment and investment opportunities within the City of Melton.

Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT)

The Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) is a significant regional infrastructure project planned for Truganina, in the southeast of the municipality.  Establishing this interstate rail freight terminal and warehousing precinct will have an extremely positive effect on local job creation and an increase in commercial productivity within the region.

Part of the Commonwealth Inland Rail Project, the Victorian Western Growth Corridor Plan and Victorian Freight Plan–Delivering the Goods, the WIFT will dramatically improve efficiencies in local, national and international freight movement by bringing local warehouse precincts closer to freight terminals, and limiting the number of trucks and trains required to transport interstate freight into the Dynon Precinct in Port Melbourne. Additionally, the Dynon terminals are limited in their capacity and difficult to access.  The WIFT is expected to accommodate double-stacked 1,800 metre trains to support the Commonwealth Inland Rail in Melbourne.

Infrastructure Australia states that freight will grow by 26 per cent from 2016 to 2026 and that “land for consignment processing, for warehousing, for intermodal terminals and for container parks needs to be located near, or have high-quality transport links to, ports, airports and local manufacturers. Freight transport in our fastgrowing cities is impacted by congestion leading to increased costs. If this is not addressed, delays in our urban supply chains will become more common and costs will increase as our cities grow.” 

The WIFT is a critical infrastructure project that will be located centrally to the ports, airports, logistics warehousing and inland rail. Investment in the WIFT will also create employment and investment opportunities in warehousing and logistics, industries perfectly suited to the vast land availability and connectivity of the City of Melton. The WIFT and the Commonwealth Inland Rail projects are expected to be operational by 2025.


Outer West Arterial Roads

The Victorian arterial road network is a critical infrastructure link that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods across the City of Melton, while providing access to Melbourne's CBD, surrounds, and adjoining regional areas.


Freight traffic will grow by 26% from 2016 to 2026. Morning peak congestion 72km in 2016 279km in 2031. Melton Highway upgrade critical.
Road Improvements

Palmers Road Corridor (Robinsons Road, Westwood Drive & Calder Park Drive) Truganina

The Palmers Road corridor connects the Calder Freeway, the Western Highway and the Princes Freeway. Declaring the road corridor as a State arterial road is a matter of priority due to its strategic importance. Full duplication and intersection upgrades are also required.

Hopkins Road, Truganina

Funds to be allocated for road duplication and upgrades to address safety issues.

Taylors Road, West Of Kings Road—Gourlay Road, Taylors Hill

Declaring Taylors Road as a State arterial road by VicRoads is a matter of priority due to its traffic volume (25,000 vpd). Full duplication of the corridor and intersection upgrades are also required.

Calder Park Drive Interchange, Hillside

A business case for the removal of the at-grade intersection with the Calder Freeway has been prepared by the State, and now funding is requested to construct the interchange. This will also require duplication of Calder Park Drive and removal of the level crossing on the Sunbury Line.

Christies Road, Caroline Springs

Duplication of Christies Road between Caroline Springs Station and Ballarat Road.

Rockbank Middle Road, Caroline Springs

The proposed Rockbank Middle Road extension would provide a key east-west link between the City of Brimbank and the City of Melton and would help reduce congestion on Ballarat and Taylors Roads. We request the State Government set aside a road reserve in the land it still holds for the proposed Rockbank Middle Road and build a bridge to connect to Brimbank municipality.

Leakes Road, Rockbank

As the Rockbank PSP develops, Leakes Road is planned to be truncated at the Ballarat Rail Line and a new arterial road (named Rockbank Road) will be constructed from the Western Highway, to the west of the future Rockbank town centre. Funding is requested to plan and deliver the Rockbank Road overpass (across the Ballarat Rail Line) as part of the Melton Railway Electrification project, allowing for the construction of an important arterial road connection.

Intersection Upgrades

High Street & Coburns Road, Melton Funding is requested to convert the existing roundabout to a signalised intersection at High Street and Coburns Road as this intersection is heavily congested during peak times and acts as a barrier to movement for pedestrians and cyclists in the areas.

High Street & Norton Drive, Melton

The intersection of High Street and Norton Drive is a consistent safety concern to Council, with Norton Drive being the primary entry to the Melton Industrial Estate.  Funding is requested to construct signals at the intersection so vehicle movements are safely controlled.

Gisborne Melton Road & Kirkton Drive, Kurunjang

The intersection of Gisborne-Melton Road and Kirkton Drive is a safety concern to Council, with Kirkton Drive being one of the primary residential roads serving the Kurunjang area. Funding is requested to construct a roundabout at the intersection so vehicle speeds are reduced, allowing safer access in and out of Kirkton Drive.

Gisborne Melton Road & Minns Road, Kurunjang

The intersection of Gisborne-Melton Road and Minns Road is a safety concern to Council, with Minns Road being an important east-west road connection in the area. Funding is requested to construct a roundabout at the intersection so vehicle speeds are reduced allowing safer access in and out of Minns Road.


Map outlining priority roads projects