A frequent and efficient public rail system that connects Melton residents to employment, health services, recreation and education.

Our priorities

Western Rail Plan

Currently in its planning stage, the Western Rail Plan is a significant State Government initiative that will provide a sleek and efficient public transport network to service Melbourne’s fast growing west.

Melton City Council seeks a commitment from the State Government to:

  • Deliver the electrification and the separation of the Ballarat rail line by 2025-2026
  • Acquire land and build two new stations at Hopkins Road and Paynes Road
  • Upgrade Melton Station to improve all-abilities access, safety and urban amenity, including the construction of car spaces in addition to the 100 committed in the 2019/2020 State Budget.

Sunbury line upgrade

The State Government committed to a $2.1 billion Sunbury Line Upgrade in the 2019/2020 Budget, which will deliver power and upgrades to 10 stations along the Sunbury line.

Melton City Council seeks a commitment from the State Government to:

  • Construct a new station at Calder Park, Hillside, to relieve commuter and parking stress at Watergardens Station and traffic congestion along Melton Highway
  • Remove the level crossing at Calder Park Drive.
City of Melton resident modes of travel: 75% travel by private vehicle. 10% travel by public transport. 1% travel by active transport.



Lack of quality public transport access, poor linkages to local employment areas and the need to travel outside the municipality for work, education and health services, results in a high car dependency and congested roads.

Currently around three-quarters of workers travel outside the municipality for work, with over 16 per cent working in the CBD.

Melton City Council wants to encourage current and future residents to use public transport to commute to work and study.

Melton Rail Corridor

New residential estates are being constructed in six new suburbs that are directly aligned to the rail line, which will see the construction of 65,900 new dwellings, and be home to an estimated 183,500 residents within the catchment of the railway line to Melton.

By 2051 suburbs within the catchment of the Melton railway line are projected to house over 370,000 people, placing additional stress on already congested highways and existing rail services.

The electrification of the railway line to Melton, before the projected influx of residents, will reduce congestion on the road and public transport systems.

Sunbury Rail Corridor

By 2051 suburbs within the catchment of the Sunbury railway line are projected to house over 95,000 residents, placing additional stress on already congested highways and existing rail services. For this reason, the construction of an additional station at Calder Park on the Sunbury line is needed now, before the projected influx of residents, to reduce pressure at Watergardens Station and reduce congestion.

Plan Melbourne

Plan Melbourne informs public transport planning through the Principal Public Transport Network (PPTN).  Guidelines stipulate that all properties should be within 400 metres of public transport infrastructure (buses, trains, light rail).

Within the City of Melton, only 15 per cent of all properties can access public transport within the 400 metre buffer. Our new suburbs are yet to be serviced by current bus routes, limiting residents’ access to employment, health and education opportunities.