Primary, secondary and specialist schools

Education: Primary, Secondary & Specialist Schools

State-of-the-art educational institutions for everyone to reach their full potential.

Our priorities

Primary schools

Design and construct

  • Cobblebank (Bridge Road) Primary School (to open 2022)
  • Deanside Primary School (to open 2022)

Acquire land

  • Thornhill Park (Murray Road) Primary School (to open 2023)
  • Mt Atkinson Primary School (to open 2023)
  • Rockbank (Toolern Road) Primary School (to open 2023)


  • Diggers Rest Primary School
Secondary schools

Acquire land and design

  • Cobblebank Secondary School (to open 2022)
  • Aintree Secondary School (to open 2023)
  • Deanside Secondary School (to open 2023)
Specialist school

A new specialist school in the eastern corridor of the municipality.


2019 20,399 Primary students 14,388 Secondary students 278 Specialist students. 2024 25,599 Primary students 19,686 Secondary students 403 Specialist students. 2029 31,029 Primary students 24,558 Secondary students 542 Specialist students. 2029 26 Primary schools required 8 Secondary schools required 2 Specialist schools required.


It is no secret that a good education has the power to change a life. It shapes us not only as individuals, but is important for the social and economic development of every community, and country.

As a fast growing community, securing quality and choice primary and secondary education opportunities for our residents is paramount.

Melton City Council acknowledges the significant investment in education the State Government has made within our community, and seek assurances that this investment will continue, so that our residents have every opportunity to grow and excel in all they do.

In 2019, the City of Melton was home to 20,399 primary school children. Population growth estimates show that by 2024, this figure will rise to 25,599 and to over 31,029 in 2029—an increase of 10,630 more primary school children across the municipality in just 10 years.

In 2029 the population of the City of Melton is projected to be 263,000 people, which means 26 government primary schools will be needed to accommodate the needs of primary school students.

In 2019, there were 19 government primary schools in the City of Melton. Therefore, seven additional primary schools will be required by 2029.

The State Government will need to deliver an average of two primary schools every three years to meet these needs.

Many primary schools in the City of Melton are exceeding capacity.

An additional specialist school is required in the eastern corridor of the municipality.

There are currently 278 students requiring a specialist education, and this number is projected to increase to 542 by 2029.

There are existing specialist schools in Melton, Sunshine West and Broadmeadows, all of which are too far for children to travel each day from the eastern corridor. It is important that people are provided choice and access to specialist programs and services.

Council seeks commitment from State Government to work collaboratively on the design of schools and early learning centres to ensure that the best local outcomes are achieved via co-location of facilities. School designs should incorporate expansion plans that are not heavily reliant on portable classrooms that claim valuable open space. Arrangements for ‘peak’ enrolment are likely to last many years in growth areas and therefore will not simply be short-term conditions.