Prevention of Family Violence

Health: Prevention of Family Violence

The location of a Support and Safety Hub (Orange Door) in the City of Melton and ongoing funding for primary prevention programs.

Our priorities

Melton City Council calls on the State Government to fund localised prevention programs and response services in the City of Melton.

  • Council calls for ongoing funding for primary prevention programs aimed at making the City of Melton a safe, inclusive and respectful place, free from violence.
  • Council has identified an urgent need for localised, specialised support in the City of Melton, so victims of family violence aren’t forced to travel to Brimbank or Maribrynong for support, creating additional barriers for vulnerable members of the community.
  • Locate the new Melton/Brimbank Orange Door facility within the City of Melton to address a critical gap in local and accessible family violence support.
  • Council has identified a number of suitable locations in the City of Melton. The properties are accessible to the local community and are in close proximity to public transport, shops, schools and other government and community services.
4th Highest rate of family violence in metro Melbourne. 2nd highest child protection rate in northwest Melbourne. 50% women who experience violence have children in their care.


The City of Melton has the fourth highest rate of family violence in metropolitan Melbourne at a rate of 1,329 per 100,000 in 2017-2018 and continuing to increase at 1,507 per 100,000 in 2018-2019.

Violence against women and their children is a prevalent and serious abuse of human rights. Providing support and preventing such violence is a matter of national, state and local urgency. Violence in intimate relationships is responsible for more ill-health and premature death in women aged 18-44 years than any other risk factors including high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol use or obesity.

The City of Melton has an estimated resident population of more than 164,000 in 2019. In 2018, the City of Melton had the third fastest population growth rate in Victoria, growing at 5.4 per cent per year. By 2051, the City will have an estimated population of 485,061 people.

The demand of population growth presents an urgent need for localised and accessible services, in addition to sustainable and entrenched prevention activities.

There is an urgent need for an Orange Door facility, to provide a whole-of-service approach to the intervention and response of family violence in the City of Melton.  It is critical for vulnerable families, women and children, experiencing or at risk of experiencing, family violence, to access vital specialist police and government services in one accessible location.

Council has identified a number of suitable locations in the City of Melton. The properties are accessible to the local community and are in close proximity to public transport, shops, schools and other government and community services.

It is imperative that the State Government supports victims of violence, in addition to sustaining a long-term approach to preventing violence.

Council has committed to a 12 year vision for creating an equitable, safe and respectful community through our Equality and Respect 2030 strategy.

We call for the State Government to continue its investment into the Safe and Strong Strategy and Free from Violence Action Plan, to enable Local Government to deliver ongoing prevention programs which embed social change for gender equity in the spaces where City of Melton residents live, work, play and learn.

The provision of both local services to respond, such as the Orange Door facility, and sustainable funding to prevent family violence, is a critical priority for the City of Melton.