Future rail stations

Future rail stations provide vital connection points for existing and future residents moving into the area. Rapid growth along the rail corridors has increased the need for the State Government to update and construct  rail stations.


The City of Melton currently has a population  of 151,410 (31 December 2017).

Over the next 40 years, the City of Melton is projected to almost treble to a population of more than 400,000 people (approximately the size of Canberra today). The State Government needs to ensure that residents in the City of Melton, have alternative modes of transport options available to them.   

Most of the growth is proposed to occur along the Melton / Ballarat rail corridor between Caroline Springs and Melton township.

This rail corridor currently has three railway stations (Caroline Springs, Rockbank and Melton), which are unable to cope with this enormous increase in population.   

With the recent announcement of Toolern Station being built using funds from the  Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC), State politicians have recognised  the need to develop stations for future residential growth across the City.

Two new stations on the Ballarat rail-line Hopkins Road Station (otherwise known as  Mt Atkinson), and Paynes Road Station –  are needed to provide improved travel options  for the City of Melton's rapid, sustained population growth.

When constructed, the three new train stations will each service approximately 60,000 people.

The Bendigo rail line also serves the City of Melton. An additional station is required in the vicinity of Calder Park to serve the Hillside area.  


Melton City Council wants to encourage current and future residents to use alternative modes of transportation.

Across the globe, rail plays a prominent role in urban life. The economic and cultural importance of stations is fundamental to people’s way of life.

Future rail stations need to be flexible and  high quality. Stations should be integrated  into their environment, socially contributing  to their surrounding area.


The development of stations now, before the projected influx of large numbers of residents,  will ensure financial savings to the Victorian Government and reduce disruptions to commuters. 

The Ballarat rail duplication program (2017-2019) should consider the location of the three new railway stations and ensure that works do not prejudice the development  of these stations. This would result in saving  the Victorian Government money in duplication of work and labour.

 Key priorities

  1. Hopkins Road Station (Mt Atkinson)
  2. Paynes Road Station 
  3. Calder Park/ Hillside