Future primary schools


All schools in Melton are growing rapidly, are in extreme demand and are exceeding  their intended capacity. 

By 2018, the City of Melton will be home to  17,991 primary school children. Population growth estimates show that by 2023, this figure will rise to 19,929 and to over 26,547 in 2028.  The growth means an increase of 8,556 more primary school children across the municipality. In 2017, the number of portable classrooms across the municipality stood at 153 and the number of primary schools needed to manage the growth by 2023 currently stands at 40.2. With development fast outpacing primary school buildings the issue of more school sites within the municipality has become critical. 

Existing schools do not have the capacity to absorb growth being forecast for the municipality.

Key findings from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) results for the  City of Melton show that more children than the state average were developmentally vulnerable:

Physical health and wellbeing Victoria 7.9%   8.7%
 Social competence Victoria 8.7% 9.5% 
 Language and cognitive skills   Victoria 6.3%  7.3%



To meet the current and projected demand, it is estimated that the State Government needs to deliver an average  of two primary schools every three years. Education increases a person’s ability to achieve an adequate level of income and  job satisfaction. 


Many future government school sites are located near Council infrastructure such as community centres, ovals and kindergartens. Council works closely with the Department of Education and Training (DET) to jointly prioritise future school sites. Council supports joint planning of future sites and encourages DET and other partners to engage in early discussions to identify and secure future potential site opportunities. In precinct structure plans adopted for Melton's growth areas, the Victorian Planning Authority has identified  sites for more government schools. 

Key priorities

Council calls on the State Government to  invest in new primary schools within the  City of Melton to ensure that existing schools are not put under further pressure and future growth is adequately planned. 

Council has identified the following sites (in order of priority) that require new government schools:

  1. Eynesbury - The State budget included 
  2. Aintree (P-6) (Woodlea Development) 
  3. Bridge Rd, Toolern (P-6) - State Government has acquired the land 
  4. Deanside, Kororoit PSP (P-6) - State Government has acquired the land 

We are pleased that the State budget has included:

  • funding for construction of a primary school (P-6) in Eynesbury to open in 2021
  • funding for construction of a primary school (P-6) in Aintree to open in 2021

The State Government has acquired land for a school in the Toolern PSP (Cobblebank) and Kororoit PSP (Deanside).

Melton City Council will continue to advocate for their timely construction.