A robust bus network

As one of Melbourne’s fastest growing municipalities, the City of Melton needs a more frequent and better connected bus network.


The City of Melton is a car dependent community, with 65.9 per cent of our households owning two or more motor vehicles (compared to the Victorian average of 54.4 per cent). 

81 per cent of employed people in the City of Melton leave the municipality for work, and 74.4 per cent of employed people get to work  by car exclusively.

Many people in our municipality live more than a ten minute walk from a bus stop. Those who live near a bus stop have a bus service that runs infrequently and connects poorly to other public transport services.

Melton's bus network is impractical in its current form and offers a substandard service to the communities being built in Rockbank, Eynesbury, Melton South and Diggers Rest.

The bus network should provide frequent services to places where residents most  often visit. 


A more integrated bus network would  support active transport usage as a means  of connecting people with one another. 

The bus network in the City of Melton is operating from a schedule that has not  kept up with population growth. 

There are large gaps in the current network.  Many communities have no access to bus services.

Buses offer the community a practical  way of commuting to places of employment, education, health facilities and shops.


Melton City Council calls on the State Government to provide an improved bus network that operates for more of the day,  is more frequent, and is accessible to  more of our residents.

Key priorities

Melton City Council calls on Public Transport Victoria:

  • to review and expand the existing bus network 
  • service new estates without bus routes such  as those within the suburbs of Brookfield,  Weir Views, Cobblebank, Thornhill Park, Rockbank and Aintree
  • extend existing route 453  (Melton – Melton Station via Brookfield)
  • increase the frequency of existing route 455 (Micasa Rise/Roslyn Park – Melton Station)
  • increase the frequency of existing route 462 (Watergardens – Caroline Springs)
  • explore with the State Government opportunities to create a Park and Ride  bus service in the City of Melton
  • establish the following new bus routes 
    • Melton – Melton South – Eynesbury 
    • Melton Station – Woodgrove – High Street 
    • Melton Station – High Street – Toolern (Cobblebank)
    • Bacchus Marsh – Melton – Watergardens
    • Caroline Springs – East Werribee
    • Woodgrove – High Street – Caroline Springs Town Centre
  • improve bus and train connections at Melton, Rockbank, Caroline Springs and Diggers Rest railway stations.

On 30 August 2019 the Minister for Public Transport announced two new local bus services and an extension of Route 459 

New routes (coming in late 2019):
Route 454 will connect the residents of Cobblebank (Atherstone estate) to the Melton and Cobblebank Stations – services every 40 minutes
Route 444 will connect the residents of Aintree (Woodlea estate) to the refurbished Rockbank Station – services every 40 minutes off peak, and 30 minutes on peak

Extended route (coming in late 2019):
Route 459 will soon extend further into the Arnolds Creek estate to connect more Harkness (Arnolds Creek estate) residents to the Melton Station – services every 30 minutes on peak

Read the full statement on the Premier of Victoria's website.